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Biden: Stop Trump's Wall For Good.

Health care workers, veterans and families are standing up to say that Trump’s wall of shame is a national disaster that harms both people and nature. We are encouraged that Biden listened to border communities's demands that construction be halted on Day 1. Thank you, President Biden! However, the pause only lasts 60 days before construction may resume. We are calling upon President Biden to END IT FOR GOOD. We need to CancelTheContracts, StopTakingLand and HealTheHarm.

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The wall destroys lives and communities and serves no security purpose, while wasting billions of our precious taxpayer dollars that could be spent on critical needs during a pandemic. If allowed to continue, it will continue to stoke racism and violence across the country. Here’s why President Biden should cancel it immediately.

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OUR SUPPORTERS No Border Wall Coalition (Laredo, TX), Kumeyaay Tribal Nation (CA), Tohono O’odham Tribal Nation (AZ), Carrizo/Comecrudo Tribal Nation (TX), Rio Grande International Study Center (Laredo, TX), National Butterfly Center (Mission, TX), Center For Biological Diversity
#NotAnotherFoot #MrBidenTearDownThisWall #FreeThemAll #ReuniteFamilies #ProtectTheSacred